A mentor is a highly experienced professional in all aspects of modern software development. He or she can provide guidance and knowledge to team members, project management, customer and project environment in the field of software development.

Mentoring is an excellent way to solve problems like lack of knowledge of or experience with a new software development methodology and techniques, lack of software quality, unstable requirements, low productivity, an inability to test a software product or continuous failure to meet deadlines.

The mentor strives toward selfsufficiency so that project teams can be successful without external help and guidance. This is done by applying a right sized mix of tutoring, advising and participation according to the specific context on hand. If needed, a mentor will provide hands on support, showing how issues can be solved and activities should ne performed in your specific situation. The success of the team and its members will always be a mentor's main priority.

Mentoring is not a one size fits all solution, but in many cases it is an excellent approach. Because mentoring provides quick and immediately visible positive results, mentoring is at least worth a serious try. Not in the least because we will provide our services on a result basis when possible.

Choose the right type of mentoring
Not in every situation it is useful or required to have a full time mentor on site, allthough this is a good option in many cases. That is why we developed the following types of mentoring in order to offer exactly the right kind of support for any project team or organization.

  • Project Team Mentoring
  • Discipline Mentoring
  • Remote Mentoring
  • Second Opinion

Project Team Mentoring focusses on the facilitation and support of an entire project team. Discipline Mentoring aims at facilitation and support of a certain discipline within a project team, for example project management, requirements or testing. Remote mentoring is a good choice for more experienced project teams that are looking for a sparring partner to discuss possible next steps or ways to solve a new problem. Remote mentoring is also an excellent choice for project teams that wish to start developing iteratively or that wish to start applying a certain agile technique, but are not confident they oversee all consequences. Second Opinion provides feedback or advice based on specific work products, for example in order to solve a dispute between parties or to gain independent insight into the quality of work products in a quick, easy way.

How to request mentoring
You wish to apply mentoring or would like to know more about mentoring? Please submit your request using the form below. We will contact you to discuss which type of mentoring best suits your situation or to plan an intake meeting. Or call us at number +31 (0)36 546 58 44.



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