About us

Helping you
Empulsys was founded early 2002 with the goal to help you to be independently successful in software development. Whether you want to be faster, better or cheaper or when it's about a specific project or the organization as a whole, we aim to fulfill your needs. Our foundation is a shared passion for modern iterative software development and transferring and sharing our knowledge and experience in this field. With our past in Rational Software and a broad experience with applying and implementing the Rational Unified Process (RUP®), it is not a surprise that iterative software development is at the base of our services.

Guiding principles
During our assignment helping project teams and organizations successfully applying and adopting iterative development, we learned two important guiding principles. The first is the necessity to ensure that your vision on software development does match the specific characteristics of your project and your organization. The second is about the way knowledge and skills are transferred onto project team members and other staff. This led to an early adoption of practices that are now known under the label ‘agile’ and also the development of our ‘mentoring’ concept.

Education, Advise and Participation
Mentoring is our clever combination of education, offering advice and participation. Rather than telling people to do what we say, we show them how it is done in their specific situation. A trainer, advisor or consultant works from only one of these perspectives. A coach might work from two but a mentor knows to combine all three concepts. Mentoring allows us to provide you with the right information in the most appropriate way and with the required depth. An important characteristic of mentoring is the high tempo by which project team member are capable applying newly gained knowledge and skills in their daily job. With mentoring we are able to make teams very successful in software development. The Empulsys logo is symbolic for the three approaches of knowledge transfer.

People, Process, Tools
We still highly value the old motto 'People, Process, Tools'. Like no other we realize that with the adoption of new technology especially the human aspect is frequently underexposed. We aim at restoring the balance between skills and behaviour, the design of development processes and the way tools are configured and used. In our vision, the human perspective always comes first.

Leading role
Empulsys has always had a clear focus on developing practices based on our own experiences in the field. This is a guarantee for sustaining our leading role in the market. An excellent example is the request we received from Rational Software to revise the RUP® Business Modeling discipline. By doing that our field experiences are anchored in the Rational Unified Process (RUP®) and thereby spread and applied all over the world.

Our People

Empulsys has offices in The Netherlands and in Belgium. Our team is covering the BeNeLux.

The Netherlands

Empulsys International B.V.

Roef 30
1319 AK Almere
The Netherlands


Empulsys Belgium

Rue de Biomont 130
4650 Grand-Rechain


The Belgian General Conditions are available for download below.

Eric Lopes Cardozo - Founder and RUP/Agile Mentor

Eric is one of the founders of Empulsys. He has about 20 years experience in the field of software engineering and software management. During his career Eric has fulfilled many roles on different projects, like business consultant, project manager, programme manager, estimator, information analyst, designer, programmer, tool specialist, teacher, test coordinator, UI-designer and author. Applying modern methods, techniques and technology is a common thread of which IBM Rational Unified Process, Agile (Scrum, Lean) but also Websphere/J2EE and .NET are some concrete examples.

Olivier Béghain - Associate and RUP/Agile Mentor






The online article "From Business to IT System" is now available in english.


Empulsys is an IBM Business Partner that provides IBM product resale, services and trainings for the Rational brand in the Benelux.