Tool Effectiveness
Tool Effectiveness

You need tools
Nowadays software development is so complex that you need adequate tools to do it right.  No matter if it is about modeling, coding, building, distribution, configuration management, testing, requirements management or project control: it is practically impossible to manage without tools.

The right tools
Often using tools turns out to be hard. How do you select tools that match your specific situation? Which functions do you use and how do you use them? Too often we encounter projects where tools do not adequately support the development processes. This leads to loss of productivity, insufficient quality and frustration among team members. Nothing can be more annoying than tools that do not help you in your day to day activities and push you to make decisions you do not want to make. A common cause lies in the way tools are designed. Behind each tool there is always a vision on software development and that can be completely different from yours.

Guiding principles
Experts in the field of software development know for years that the balance between development process, tools and the people who use them is vital. This is one of our guiding principles when it comes to selecting, configuring and optimizing software development tools. As a specialist in the field of tool selection and tool configuration, Empulsys already helped many projects with determining and implementing a perfect match between people, process and tools ranging from configuration management for geographically distributed teams, continuous integration, automated testing to change management, risk management and automated collection of project metrics.

IBM Rational Software
Empulsys is IBM business partner and reseller of IBM Rational softwareproducts for the Benelux region.

Free of charge consultation
When you have question about acquiring software delivery tools, when you want a higher return on investment from your tool or when you are interested in open source alternatives, contact us for a free of charge consultation.



The online article "From Business to IT System" is now available in english.


Empulsys is an IBM Business Partner that provides IBM product resale, services and trainings for the Rational brand in the Benelux.