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Classroom - Project Management with the Unified Process
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There is a big difference between leading a traditional (waterfall) software project and an iterative software project. The transition from traditional to an iterative mind set is not always easy. This Empulsys course is excellent when you are about to lead an iterative software project using the Unified Process. In your role as project leader, whether you are a novice or more experienced project leader, you can seriously benefit from the practical and innovative planning and project control techniques presented. You can incorporate the new insights in your daily job even better because there is room for discussing your own projects and project issues and by working on an assignment.

The Goal of the Course
At the end of the course:

  • You have an understanding of the principles of the iterative approach
  • You have an understanding how the Unified Process differs from traditional project management
  • You have an understanding of the differences between the traditional and iterative development approach
  • You are able to develop an iterative project plan
  • You are able to develop an iteration plan
  • You have an understanding of how to organize an iterative project
  • You are able to define the status of a project using project metrics
  • You have an understanding of how to control iterative projects


You will start this course with learning the basic concepts and the essence of the iterative approach from the perspective of the project leader. Next you will explore iterative project management from different perspectives. Successively you will learn and apply project planning, iteration planning and project control techniques.


Module 1 - Foundation

  • Course structure
  • Jargon & Concepts
  • Differences between traditional and iterative development
  • Unified Process essentials
  • Relationships Unified Process, Prince2 and PMBOK

Module 2 - Project Planning

  • Project planning process
  • Risk management
  • Work Packages and milestones
  • Iterations and iteration strategy
  • Project organization

Module 3 – Iteration Planning

  • Iteration planning process
  • Work Products and evaluation criteria
  • Work Packages and milestones
  • Budgeting
  • Staffing

Module 4 - Project Control

  • Project control techniques
  • Project measurement
  • Iteration measurement
  • Corrective measures for scope
  • Corrective measures for budget and time
  • Corrective measures for quality

Module 5 - Assignment

  • Assignment project planning
  • Assignment iteration planning

Module 6 – Integration and Closure

  • Evaluation of assignments
  • Framework iterative project management


No educational prerequisites.
You do not need specific education in order to follow this course but a basic understanding of iterative development with the Unified Process is highly recommended. When you do not have this knowledge readily available, take one of our courses:

Our trainers are able to deliver this course in English, Dutch or French

Duration and Investment

Course Duration
The duration of the course is effectively 3 days. On each day 2 out of 6 modules our presented. On request we can spread the 3 course days over a period ranging from 1 to 4 weeks.


  • The tariff for this course is € 1475,- per person,- excl. VAT.
  • Course materials are included.
  • In-company delivery and tailoring possible.
  • Tariffs may change at any time.



The online article "From Business to IT System" is now available in english.


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