Guided Private Study

Guided private study is excellent when you want to learn at your own pace. We offer you the following courses:

Guided Private study works as follows:

Your private study starts with an intake with your trainer. The purpose of the intake is to maximize the value of the course by tuning it as much as possible to your specific background and personal goals. You will also receive the course materials and you will be informed on and make agreements about planning, the guidance and communication with your trainer during the course.

Feedback and Guidance

The course is divided into modules. The study guide describes for each module which chapters of provided literature must be studied and also contains clarification on specific parts of the literature and hints for additional reading. The study guide also includes practical exercises that allow you to direcly apply the new knowledge. Every module is concluded with a closing exercise or assignment.

At the end of every module you will send your exercise results to your trainer. The trainer will evaluate your work and provide you with feedback.

Halfway during the course you will have an intermediate meeting with your trainer. This meeting allows you the discuss progress and it is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and deepen your knowledge on specific subjects of the course.

After the last module you will have a meeting with your trainer to close the course. This meeting provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and deepen your knowledge. You will also receive the certificate that proves you have sucessfully completed the course.



The online article "From Business to IT System" is now available in english.


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