Classroom - Unified Process Essentials
  • Practical focus
  • Attention to both more formal and 'agile' approaches
  • Trainers with field experience
  • Certificate

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The Unified Process is one of the most popular and documented frameworks for modern software development. The Unified Process contains a set of practices that have been successful over and over again in the field. Most popular variants are the commercially available IBM Rational Unified Process and the open source OpenUP. This Empulsys course is excellent when you are working in the field of software development and want to work according to the principles of modern iterative software development.

The Goals of the Course
After this course:

  • You have an understanding of the contents of the Unified Process
  • You know the principles behind business value driven software development
  • You know the four phases of the Unified Process' project lifecycle and their purpose
  • You are familiar with key work products and their purpose
  • You have an understanding of the nine disciplines of the Unified Process
  • You have a basic understanding of planning iterative projects and iterations
  • You know what a multidisciplinary team is and why the Unified Process has adopted this approach
  • You have an understanding of how the Unified Process must be applied in the field


In this course you will start out with the pitfalls of software projects and the practices to avoid them. Next you will learn about the Unified Process' elements, their relationships and the other basics of the Unified Process. Finally you will explore the underlying principles that make the Unified Process work along with the challenges that come with the first time use of the Unified Process in the field.

Module 1 (first half of the day)

  • Software development challenges
  • Software development best practices
  • RUP demo

Module 2 (second half)

  • Structure and jargon
  • Disciplines
  • Processes
  • Roles
  • Work Products
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Underlying Principles
  • Challenges practical application


No educational prerequisites
You do not need specific education in order to follow this course. However, you do need some software development experience as a coder, project leader, analyst, tester, software architect, maintenance or software quality professional or any other related alike roles.

Our trainers are able to deliver this course in English, Dutch or French.

Course Duration and Investment

Course Duration
This is a 1 day course.


  • The group tariff of this course is € 495.- per person, excl. VAT.
  • The course materials are included.
  • In-company delivery and tailoring possible.
  • Tariffs may change at any time.



The online article "From Business to IT System" is now available in english.


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