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In 2010 you can download free reports that will help you to be more succesful with your software projects.

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Free Report: How to determine better non-functional requirements

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Gratis Rapport: Hoe zet je een iteratieplanning op

Er zijn professionals die vragen hebben over hoe je een iteratief softwareproject moet plannen. Omdat ik veel projectteams en projectleiders begeleid met het toepassen van iteratieve softwareontwikkeling, help ik hen ook met het opstellen van iteratieplanningen. Om hen en andere mensen te ondersteunen bij het maken van iteratieplanningen voor iteratieve softwareprojecten heb ik de belangrijkste stappen die je daarvoor moet zetten beschreven in het gratis rapport: "Hoe zet je een iteratieplanning op". Wil je dit rapport gratis ontvangen, vul dan het onderstaande formulier in:

- Hoe zet je een iteratieplanning op, gratis rapport in PDF

Free e-book: Lasting success with iterative development

Not yet available in English

From Business Modeling to IT Systems

As explained in the Rational Unified Process® and as it is confirmed as soon as you start using the use case technique, there exist several relationships between the business modelling and the requirements management disciplines.

The following figure depicts what are these various relationships between _on one side_ the UML concepts used when modelling a business and _on the other side_ those used when managing and analysing requirements.

  • Business Actors represent the people who are identified as either invoking the (business) services offered by a company, either involved in the realization of these services as sub-contractors, coordinators, controllers, etc. Here's the first rule which can be stated: the Business Actors are candidate Actors of an IT system.
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    Free Report: How to plan an iterative project

    Not yet available in English.

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    The online article "From Business to IT System" is now available in english.


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